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Discover the undeniable truth! Our revolutionary wash & wax formula, designed with the environment in mind, ensures your windows stay impeccably clean for twice as long. Experience the magic of our invisible shield, expertly applied to your windows, repelling dust, dirt, and pollen like never before. Don't settle for ordinary when you can elevate your window cleaning experience with our extraordinary solution!
America's #1 Window Washing Company
At Velocity Cleaning Systems, our reputation as a top-tier provider of residential and commercial exterior cleaning services is well-known. However, it all began with our unparalleled expertise in window cleaning, dating back to 1997. We take immense pride in being unrivaled in the market, offering window cleaning services that surpass all expectations.

While our innovative cleaning solutions are indeed remarkable, the true essence of our success lies within our culture. Our commitment to fostering a team of exceptional individuals, with the right attitudes and outlooks, sets us apart as the industry's pinnacle window cleaning company. This is precisely how we have earned our esteemed position as an award-winning market leader. Our dedication to excellence shines through in every project we undertake, ensuring that our clients receive nothing short of exceptional results.


Enhance the Lifespan of Your Windows: Neglecting window cleaning can result in unsightly water spots that pose a risk of permanent damage to both the glass and window seals. Don't let your windows reach a critical stage of water spot damage—our expert cleaning services can effectively address stages 1 and 2, preventing the need for costly glass replacements in stage 3. By investing in professional window cleaning, you ensure that your glass remains in optimal condition for an extended period, saving you time, money, and unnecessary hassle.

Boost Energy Efficiency: The accumulation of dirt, oils, dust, and debris on your windows can have detrimental effects beyond just the glass. These contaminants can also impact the hinges, tracks, and spring mechanisms, compromising the proper sealing of your windows and diminishing their R values. Dirty windows interfere with the functionality of films and insulation, hindering their ability to operate as intended. Our comprehensive window cleaning services not only restore the clarity of your glass but also help maintain the efficiency of your entire window system. By keeping your windows clean and free from debris, you ensure optimal energy efficiency, lower utility costs, and a comfortable indoor environment.


Experience Unmatched Performance and Precision: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every detail of our window cleaning approach. Through continuous innovation and meticulous attention to detail, we have refined our tools and processes to deliver unrivaled results. Our custom water purification processes ensure streak-free, crystal-clear windows that sparkle with pristine brilliance. Our advanced squeegees and brushes effortlessly eliminate even the most stubborn grime and dirt, leaving your windows immaculate. And with our specially designed lint-free microfiber cloths, we achieve a flawless finish that enhances the beauty of your windows like never before.

Choose Velocity Cleaning Systems for an Elevated Window Cleaning Experience: Elevate your window cleaning experience by choosing Velocity Cleaning Systems. Our dedication to innovation and superior tools sets us apart from the competition. Witness the remarkable difference our state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled attention to detail can make. Trust us to transform your windows into a gleaming showcase of cleanliness and clarity that will exceed your expectations on every level.


At Velocity Cleaning Systems, the development of custom cleaning solutions extends far beyond our renowned wash & wax formula. We have gone above and beyond to create a diverse range of innovative products and solutions that revolutionize the window cleaning industry. These cutting-edge advancements are designed to provide you with a superior, safer, and longer-lasting clean for your windows.


You're definitely not alone in questioning our claims, but rest assured, we have put our product to the test and emerged victorious. In fact, we faced a formidable challenge from a competitor who took us to court over our assertions. However, we proudly demonstrated, beyond any doubt, that our product performs precisely as advertised.


Discover the transformative power of our innovative products in preventing permanent damage to your window and shower door glass caused by untreated water spots. Experience the journey of water spot damage, categorized into three stages, with stage 3 calling for nothing short of complete glass replacement. Fortunately, our cutting-edge solutions provide the ultimate remedy, eliminating even the most stubborn water spots and bestowing a durable shield against future spotting.


Imagine a world where you, your beloved pets, and your precious children could freely touch glass surfaces without any worry of leaving fingerprints behind. Introducing our revolutionary Glass Sealant, designed to drastically reduce print buildup in high-traffic zones like sliding glass doors and entryways in commercial buildings. With this remarkable solution, you can experience a remarkable reduction of over 75 percent in fingerprint accumulation. It's a game-changer that not only enhances convenience but also helps you save significantly on residential or commercial cleaning expenses by minimizing the frequency of cleanings required each year. Embrace the future of pristine glass surfaces with our Glass Sealant today.


At Velocity Cleaning Systems, our commitment goes beyond just delivering exceptional window cleaning services. From the very beginning, we have dedicated ourselves to being an environmentally conscious company. We take pride in offering eco-friendly solutions, sealers, and chemicals, all of which are 100% biodegradable. By choosing Velocity Cleaning Systems, you're not only investing in quality cleaning services, but also making a positive impact on the environment.
We are proud to be a leading "green" company, providing safer alternatives that benefit both the environment and our valued customers. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that our cleaning practices align with sustainable principles, reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional cleaning methods. With Velocity Cleaning Systems, you can enjoy spotless windows without compromising the planet's well-being.

To ensure your peace of mind, Velocity Cleaning Systems is comprehensively bonded and insured. We also carry workers' compensation on all our employees, guaranteeing their safety while they provide top-notch service. Our service technicians are equipped with material safety data sheets for each chemical used, prioritizing the protection of all parties involved. Additionally, our uniformed employees and prominently marked trucks proudly display the Velocity Cleaning Systems logo, allowing you to easily recognize our team.

Rest assured that our employees are extensively educated and trained in job safety, adhering to all the guidelines set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). At Velocity Cleaning Systems, we prioritize the well-being of our staff, our customers, and the environment.

Choose Velocity Cleaning Systems for a sparkling clean and eco-friendly solution. Experience the difference of a company that cares about your satisfaction and the planet we call home. Contact us today and join us in our mission to create a greener, cleaner future.


Discover the ultimate secret to achieving flawlessly clean windows while safeguarding their longevity! Say goodbye to ammonia and alcohol-based window cleaners, as they may harm your window films and erode those precious window seals. Fear not, for we have a remarkable solution to share with you.

Introducing our game-changing alternative: a revolutionary white vinegar-based cleaner or the simplicity of a damp microfiber cloth, followed by a gentle stroke of a dry microfiber cloth. By embracing these innovative methods, you'll bid farewell to chemical-laden products and welcome a natural, eco-friendly approach to window care.

Here's why our approach stands head and shoulders above the rest. Unlike traditional cotton towels, our exclusively chosen microfiber cloths possess unparalleled absorbency, enabling them to soak up more water. Additionally, these magical cloths are lint-free, ensuring a pristine cleaning experience without any annoying remnants. Brace yourself for the grand finale – a mesmerizing streak-free shine that will leave your windows looking flawlessly radiant.

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