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Experience the advantages of soft washing over power washing, without the risk of potential damage. Entrust your property to the skilled professionals at Velocity soft washing service, and witness the transformative power of this gentle and eco-friendly maintenance technique. By choosing soft washing, not only will you safeguard your family from harmful environmental toxins, but you will also enhance the value of your home.
Gentle, Green Care for a cleaner home
Pressure washing is effective in eliminating dirt and grime, but it can unintentionally strip away paint and cause damage to certain surfaces.

At our residential soft washing service, we prioritize a gentle approach by utilizing water pressure for a preliminary rinse, followed by a green chemical treatment and a final rinse. This meticulous process not only sanitizes but also enhances the overall appearance of your home. We ensure that once our work is finished, there are no lingering safety concerns for your family, pets, or the surrounding plant and animal life in your neighborhood. All the chemicals we employ break down into harmless compounds within a short span of 30 minutes.


House washing with chemicals provides a vital boost to the longevity of your home. The natural deterioration resulting from mold, mildew, algae, pollen, dust, and dirt accelerates the aging process of your home, causing harm to its paint, siding, brick, wood, stucco, as well as the roof tiles or shingles. Furthermore, these contaminants can attract moisture and insects, leading to decay in hidden and difficult-to-access areas. Soft washing effectively eliminates all of these issues in a gentle manner while simultaneously enhancing the overall attractiveness of your property, boosting your curb appeal.


Soft washing and pressure washing differ in two key aspects: the level of pressure employed and the type of water used. Soft washing utilizes a gentle water pressure ranging from 50 psi to 100 psi, whereas pressure washing employs high water pressure of up to 3000 psi or even higher. Soft washing involves the application of a "soft wash mix," which combines water and chemicals for cleaning purposes. On the other hand, pressure washing solely relies on water and pressure to clean surfaces. These distinct approaches cater to specific requirements, both for residential and commercial settings.

What is a soft wash mix?

When it comes to our building wash service, you might come across the term "soft wash mix" used by DIYers or other service providers. This is because our approach to cleaning involves the use of both water and chemicals, as opposed to relying solely on pressure. As an environmentally-conscious company, we have made the conscious choice to utilize chemicals that effectively treat your home while ensuring a non-toxic environment for your family, pets, and landscaping. At Velocity Cleaning Systems, we have developed our own exclusive soft wash mix, which includes sodium hypochlorite as a disinfectant, along with a high-alkaline detergent, to deliver exceptional results.


Absolutely! Soft washing is definitely the way to go! The pressure we utilize in the process is extremely gentle, ensuring the safety of your surfaces. In contrast to pressure washing, which exerts a force of 3,000 to 5,000 psi, soft washing employs a pressure ranging between 50 psi and 100 psi. Think of it as standing beneath a soothing shower, whereas pressure washing is akin to enduring the mighty force of Niagara Falls.

Moreover, our sanitizing mixture and application protocols are designed with safety in mind. We exclusively employ environmentally-friendly chemicals and take proactive measures to treat your landscape before commencing the soft washing process. Once we're finished, we meticulously rinse off any debris and residue, leaving no trace behind. You can rest assured that your pets and children can freely enjoy the yard immediately after a soft washing service, without any concerns.


Soft washing is the perfect solution for cleaning various parts of your home's exterior that require effective yet non-aggressive treatment. Here are some specific areas where soft washing excels:

Roofs: Soft washing is exceptionally gentle when it comes to removing roof stains caused by dark algae on different roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and flat and barrel tile. Our process ensures that your roof is thoroughly cleaned without any damage.

Home Exteriors: Our soft washing technique is highly effective for cleaning various exterior surfaces, including vinyl siding, stucco, brick, and stone. Whether it's removing dirt, grime, or other unsightly stains, our building wash delivers impressive results while maintaining the integrity of these surfaces.

Wooden Decks & Fences: For wooden surfaces like decks and fences, soft washing provides comprehensive cleaning, decontamination, and sealing. This protective treatment not only enhances the appearance of the wood but also extends its lifespan, particularly in harsh climates where exposure to the elements can take a toll.

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